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The portal offers the most authentic and news with several steps to verify its authenticity.
The rise of social media has propelled the amount of fake news circulating the web. Distinguishing between fake or real news is the most difficult task in hand. If you are also facing the same issue, you should visit echawadi. The portal offers the most authentic and news with several steps to verify its authenticity Jaipal Gaikwad started this portal with only one goal in mind to offer marathi news about everything happening in the Maharashtra. From traffic, politics, events, constructions, accidents to entertainment, echawadi has everything to help you through the day. There are several things happening in the city, but not everything gets reported. This is where, echawadi is different than all others, as it offer every teeny-tiny details happening in the city. The news on the portal ranges from water supply, traffic jam, fire incident, government notifications, weather report, petrol prices, crime, public protest events, social cause Information, missing person report, etc.
The main source of the news is the people of the city. There are thousands of groups with thousands of people adding their local news. The portal offers every big or small incident that happens in the city. The people reading the portal are the one, who gives the news. If anything happens in their society, they send the details to the team. Upon which one of the team members reaches out to the local authority to verify the authenticity of the incident. After making sure that the news is authentic, it is published on the portal. The team also adds the name of the viewer, who provides the news of their locality.
This one-on-one interaction with the viewers is one of the reasons for the popularity of the portal. People also read the news with more attention if they find their name attached to it. This is why echawadi is one of the most popular social media portals with more than lakhs of the user base.

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